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Rapa Nui , is an exotic island surrounded by warm beaches with white sand, millenary stone statues, the “moais”, caves and fossils.  All allowing the visitor to enjoy Rapa Nui culture with its mysteries and legends. When you arrive to this remote paradise island, their beautiful native women will meet you with a traditional “hei tiare”.

When you stay at Tauraa Hotel Easter Island, you will be look after by Rapa Nui family. All our Staff have basic or better English

We can arrange accommodation, meals and tours or Packages available to suit your individual need.

  Rapa Nui or Easter Island has semi-tropical temperatures all year around.  It is located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean and invites you to share its music, art and traditional dances.

Rapa Nui, is a small,fragile island with a difficult waste ma nagement problems. So please help us to preserve our island by taking back home with you ( used batteries, empty cosmetic containers & duty free packaging.
Our water is pure,so please refill your drinking bottle so we can minimize the number of plastic bottle on the island.
(There is a complementary bottle of water per person in your fridge so you ca refill).

We are trying to reduce our dependence on oil which is very expensive for us: so please (turn your light off when you leave your room,your cieling fans & hang the towels up that you don´t need washed. MAURUURU